Keweenaw Algae
One of the goals of our lab is to catalogue the various types of freshwater algae found in the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan.  To do this, students of Dr. Gretz's Phycology  classes have contributed images taken of samples they  collected during their semester long class.   Students   have also created websites to show their collections and catagorize them by genus. One of the largest student  sites is by  Jason Oyadomari.  He has now graduated from Michigan Technological University, but he continues to add images to his website, by collecting new samples and taking contributions from other phycology students.

 Links to Former Student Sites                   
Jason Oyadomari:  "Keweenaw Algae"

"I started this web page in 2001 as a project for a course in Phycology, taught by Dr. Michael Gretz, at Michigan Technological University.  Since then I have continued to expand and develop it with his assistance and generosity..."

Justin Hanisch:  "Upper Peninsula Algae"

"This Web Page was created for and dedicated to the freshwater algae of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  While we boat, swim, and generally recreate in the UP's lakes, rivers, and streams, the algae, unaware of and unconcerned by our presence, go about their photosynthetic lives..."

Erin McKenney:  "
Algae of the Upper Peninsula"

"Algae are a diverse and abundant group of photosynthetic organisms.  They can be found in almost every type of ecosystem, from giant underwater forests of kelp, to microscopic cyanobacteria.  On this website you will find organisms  representative of the algae that can be found in the freshwater systems of  Upper Peninsula..."

Nick Nelson:  "Algae of the Keweenaw"

"The Keweenaw: a cold, windy, dreary place 7 months out of the year.  But in those nice months, life flourishes, and algae are no exception..."

Dani Drekich:  "Dani's Algae Homepage"

"A small sampling of Freshwater algae from the Keewenaw Peninsula Created for a Phycology class BL 4130 at Michigan Tech University..."

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